DE Smooth Classic Dreads Peanut

DE Smooth Classic Dreads Peanut

Sale price$179.00
Quantity:20 PCS
Length:30 CM

Smooth Classic monochrome dreads with different shades from Dreads For You Team!

Smooth Classic monochrome de dreads, made of high-quality synthetic material “Kanekalon”.

Used colors from the Palette: 88KB, 8, 22.

For the whole head you need 50 DE dreads or 70 SE dreads.

DE Dreads – double ended (installed in the middle).

SE Dreads – single ended (installed on a loop).


x20 DE = 20 pcs (40 ends)

x20 SE = 20 pcs (20 ends)

How to install

MADE TO ORDER.  The production process takes about 10-14 business days (Sat and Sun are not business days).