DE Dreads – double ended. 
SE Dreads – single ended (with a loop on top). 

x20 DE = 20 pcs (40 ends)

x20 SE = 20 pcs (20 ends) 

The dreadlocks are braided to natural hair by “half-eight” technic. The difference you can see in the picture.

Crocheted dreads - soft, crocheted and look like real dreadlocks.

Classic Smooth dreads - dense, flexible, twisted into a smooth tourniquet.

Textured dreads - have a heterogeneous surface, consisting of tubercles of different sizes.

Curl dreads - initially curled synthetic material, which is crocheted at the base with a 10-15 cm, so that it can be installed in the hair in this place. It has its own color palette.

Crochet + Curl dreads - Crochet dreads are lengthened with Curl dreads. It turns out a Crochet dreads with a long free curly ends. The base of the dreadlock can be any color from the kanekalon palette and match your hair color.

The difference you can see in the picture below.

Braids - regular braids.

Textured braids - braid sets, which can include different types of braids (regular, Senegalese, Scandinavian, fishtail, etc.).

The difference you can see in the picture below.

D.E. (double ended) dreads и S.E. (single ended) dreads – are safe dreads. 

Dreadlocks are installed to natural hair using the “half-eight” technique. See MANUAL for more details.

You can go to the beach and to the pool.
You can take shower, but don't wet your dreadlocks every time, wash them when you feel it's time. Once a week is enough.
Dilute shampoo in water in your hands and apply soapy water to the roots. Massage the roots, rinse (better with a shower). You don’t need to rub the dreads themselves, all the soapy water will get on them anyway.
Dry with a towel. You can dry them with a cool hairdryer at a distance, or its better to wait until they dry on their own. DO NOT dry with a warm or hot hair dryer because they can become rigid or melt, as it is artificial hair.
You need to wash less often than you wash your hair, only if necessary.

Soak them in warm (NOT HOT) water with shampoo and leave it for half an hour.  Then rinse and squeeze gently.  Hang to dry (DO NOT USE THE HEATER!).

It's best to go over the curls once a day using your hands, moistening them with water from a sprayer or just with wet hands. If you want, you can use a hair combing product, but no more than once every 3-5 days. You can gently comb one at a time.

If serious tangles occur, you can use scissors to cut through them. It is recommended to gather the curls at night in a loose braid or under a sleeping hat to avoid tangles.


Wash your hair once a week. There are many ways, but we think the easiest one is to put shampoo on a sponge and use
the foam to wash the partitions, cleaning the scalp, it is not necessary to rub the dreads themselves. After that, rinse the shampoo with a shower so that it does not remain on the head, soak all the dreadlocks with a towel and leave them loosened to run down. You can dry it a little with a cold hair dryer.

Yes, you can. The longer your hair, the longer the braiding place ( “half-eight” technic. For more details check MANUAL.).
But there is nothing to worry about, especially if the dreadlocks are in the color of your hair.
On the photo below the girl has the length of her hair to the waist:

Our dreads and braids made of high-quality synthetic material “Kanekalon”.


Kanekalon is made from hypoallergenic fiber. It’s used not only for artificial hair but also for plush toys, carpets, artificial fur, furniture coverage, many types of synthetic fabrics and even children’s clothes. If you are not allergic to the things mentioned above, then you are not allergic to “Kanekalon” as well. A person can be allergic to certain color pigments which are used to dye”Kanekalon”, but it happens extremely seldom (1 to 10000).
If you have peeling, itching or redness on your head, this may not necessarily be a symptom of an allergy. In case of an allergic reaction, the symptoms appear at all places of contact with the material (hands, face, shoulders, neck,etc.), and can not be found only on your head where braiding is done. Likely the reason lies in the sensitivity of the scalp, as well as in the unusual tension of the hair. Itching and redness is a normal reaction and all unpleasant sensations will be gone within a week. If the allergy is found on the other parts of the body, then the”Kanekalon” should be immediately removed! If you have any allergies to modacrylic fiber (synthetic hair “Kanekalon”) we don’t recommend using these items (DE/SE Dreads). You place an order at your own risk.

DE and SE dreads and braids are usable for 1,5-2 months. Basically, it depends on how fast your natural hair growth. The dreads are unbraided painlessly and can be used more than one time.

DE and SE dreads and braids are usable for 1,5-2 months. Basically, it depends on how fast your natural hair growth. The dreads are unbraided painlessly and can be used more than one time.

While wearing dreadlocks and braids, hair will fall out of your head every day (as on ordinary days without dreadlocks and braids), but all this hair remains on your head due to the fact that they are braided. After removing the dreadlocks and braids, all this hair will be combed out.

Yes, you should place an order for SE crochet dreads and write in the comments to order “for lengthening my real dreadlocks”. If you’ve never braided dreadlocks, you will not be able to lengthen it independently.
You need to contact a professional master to lengthen our dreads extensions.
You need to contact a professional hair stylist to lengthen your real dreads with our extensions.


All dreads and braids are made to order and the production process takes 10-14 business days (Sat and Sun are not business days). Maybe a slight delay because of a lot of orders. Sometimes, on the contrary, we make orders faster. To be fair, we always ship the order that was placed first
If the set is in stock, we ship it within 1-3 days after placing the order.

After sending the order all customers get the notification to the email. Please, check all folders with emails. And you will see the tracking number in the notification. If you can’t find it, please, email us.


All information about your shipping you can check here:

Or at the Official Post Service website of your country.

Delivery time will depend on the destination country and the postal service. 

Approximate delivery times: 

* Standard shipping by Post – 12-100 days.
* DHL Priority Shipping – 3-10 business days.

We are not responsible for delays due to customs. 

All dreads and braids can’t be returned or exchanged because of the nature of these items. All dreads and braids are personalized and made to order. We accept changes to orders and cancellations within 3 days of purchase. We can refund the full amount of the order only in case the parcel is lost. To do this we need to get an official response from the Postal Service about the loss. The process can take up to two months.