Mixed Foam
Mixed Foam
Mixed Foam
Mixed Foam

Mixed Foam

Sale price$285.00
Type of Dreads:DE (Double Ended)
Quantity:25 PCS
Length:60 CM

This set has Crochet dreads at the beginning that continue into Curls dreads.

On the main picture presented DE (double ended) 50 pcs 70 cm.

For the whole head you need 50 DE dreads or 75 SE dreads.
DE Dreads – double ended (installed in the middle).
SE Dreads – single ended (installed on a loop).

x20 DE = 20 pcs (40 ends)
x20 SE = 20 pcs (20 ends)

How to install

MADE TO ORDER.  The production process takes about 10-14 business days (Sat and Sun are not business days).

Details about Payment & Delivery.