DE Curl dreads 1b/11f STOCK
DE Curl dreads 1b/11f STOCK
DE Curl dreads 1b/11f STOCK
DE Curl dreads 1b/11f STOCK

DE Curl dreads 1b/11f STOCK

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Set DE Curl dreads IVORY STOCK

Quantity: 50 pcs
Length: 60 cm
Color: 1b/11f


These are synthetic curls, which at the roots look like dreads
De Curls dreads are installed just like DE dreads ( each dread has its spot). Check out the manual.


Daily care:
It’s best to go over the curls once a day using your hands, moistening them with water from a sprayer or just with wet hands. If you want, you can use a hair combing product, but no more than once every 3-5 days. Do not use a comb!
If serious tangles occur, you can use scissors to cut through them. It is recommended to gather the curls at night in a loose braid or under a sleeping hat to avoid tangles.


Wash your hair once a week. There are many ways, but we think the easiest one is to put shampoo on a sponge and use the foam to wash the partitions, cleaning the scalp, it is not necessary to rub the dreads themselves. After that, rinse the shampoo with a shower so that it does not remain on the head, soak all the dreadlocks with a towel and leave them loosened to run down. You can dry it a little with a cold hair dryer. Done!


It can be worn for up to 2 months, and can be reused.
Over time, the curls will roll up and become like just wavy dreadlocks.
De Curls dreads can be washed after each wearing. Soak them in slightly warm (NOT HOT water) with shampoo and let them stay on for half an hour. Then rinse and wring out gently. Let dry (NOT ON HEATER).

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