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1.What is the difference between DE dreads and SE Dreads?
2.What is the difference between Crochet dreads and Classic Dreads?
3.How to braid DE or SE dreads?
4.How can I wash my dreads?
5.Is it possible to braid dreads into long hair?
6.What material do you use for your dreads?
7.Is it possible to have allergic with synthetic dreads??
8.How long can I wear your dreads?
9.Can I braid dreadlocks, then remove them and my hair will be okay?
10.Is it possible to order some extensions to lengthen my real dreads?
11.How long is the making of the order?
12.How can I get my TRACKING NUMBER?
13.Where can I track my order?
14.How long does delivery take?
15.Returns & exchanges

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