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About us

Hi! I’m Mariyka. I work with hair more than 10 years for now. All the dreads which you can see at my website were made by myself and my crew. I’ve been studied and practiced different technics. And finally I’ve created the best way to make high quality dreads during the shortest period of time.


I’m a perfectionist and I always follow up the whole way of making each dreads set. I make sure them to be neat, stable and long-lived. Furthermore the price for the set is very reasonable. You may come across the persons with stunning dreads made by us all over the world. We love making you, dreads lovers, happy and give joy to everybody around you.

There are lots of various types of dreads. We offer quick braided and safe dreads for your natural hair. They are sleek d.e. and s.e. dreads looking natural. They also can be colorful, shaded, textured or plait-looked. At our store you can buy either ready dreads sets or order a unique set with any length and any color you wish.

additional notice:
D.E. (double ended) dreads и S.E. (single ended) dreads – are safe dreads. The dreadlocks are braided to natural hair by “eight” technic. For more details see INSTRUCTIONS. Such dreads are usable for 2-3 months. Basically it depends on how fast your natural hair grow. The dreads are unbraided painlessly and can be used more than one time.

You’re dreaming about daring and stunning image and seeking for new impressions or just want to add personal touch to your present image? Our artists are at your service. Contact us and you’ll get high quality production during the shortest period of time at a reasonable price. Be sure – our technics are unique!


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